RECORDING NOW ONLINE: Webinar 'Engaging the private sector in COVID19 and TB response'

May 07, 2020

Engaging the private sector in the COVID19 and TB response, 7 May 2020

Recorded Webinar and presentations now online for viewing.

The private sector is a key actor in the national healthcare response during the COVID19 pandemic and in general in TB care. See the presentations:


All Hands on Deck: Mobilising the private sector for COVID-19 response

- David Clarke, WHO

Private sector engagement in COVID19 and TB in India

- Prof Venkat Raman, Delhi University


Click HERE to view the full webinar or in our YouTube Channel, to click to listen to the audio, and HERE to join the ongoing discussion.


For more information:

Below are links to the documents referred to during the presentation:

- New Publication: Enabling the private sector in the National Response to COVID-19: Six current policy challenges

- How to purchase health services during a pandemic? Purchasing priorities to support the COVID-19 response, UHC2030




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